S2E11 – Contagion

A software glitch causes the USS Yomato to go explody. Picard takes up the sister ships insane goose hunt and finds Iconia, a long lost, long storied planet, now dead but with their technology still in tact. So he blows it up.


S2E10 – The Dauphin

The Enterprise Taxi Service picks up a girl for Wesley to love, by which I mean a shape-shifter who is not a human at all and transforms in to a ball of light. Still, less creepy than The Traveller. Gerodi, Data and Riker explains the birds and bees to Wesley.

S2E6 – The Schizoid Man

Dr. Ira Graves has a world named after him – Gravesworld. I want a Cheshworld. I feel I deserve it.

There’s a distress call by the USS Constantinople, which is now the USS Istanbul. Every Ensign in Constantinople lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople, so if you’ve a distress call on USS Constantinople it’ll be waiting on USS Istanbul!

Oh, yeah, and it’s another episode about Data being a machine and therefore his body can be hijacked and, honestly? I got caught up in the Constantinople joke and ignored the rest of this episode.

S2E4 – The Outrageous Okona

Never, ever, EVER trust a freighter captain in a pirate shirt. Oh, sure, he seems the dashing rogue, but he almost always has a baby-mama in the space port he just left.

Meanwhile, Data learns comedy from Joe Piscopo and Whoopi Goldberg. This has never, in recorded history, ended well for anyone.