Prescription Fat Burners

If you are obese and have tried every diet plan out there and still struggle with yo-yoing up and down those same 5 lbs, then it might be time to see your general practitioner and discuss prescription weight loss drugs.  While prescription-strength alternatives are not to be treated lightly, often the risk of weight-related illness and even chronic disease, will outweigh the risks and side effects of taking them.

Your doctor will do a full medical background on you and ensure you have a BMI of over 30 (or over 27 in someone already suffering from illness due to weight gain) before prescribing prescription weight loss pills or fat burners.  (If you’re over the age of 64, you do not qualify and will need to discuss alternative treatment.)

There are two types of pills he will prescribe; an appetite suppressant which will reduce your hunger signals so you eat fewer calories, and/or a fat blocker/burner which will block up to 30% of unnecessary fat from being stored for energy, and swiftly eliminate it.

By swiftly, we mean just that.  Patients taking prescription Orlistat (currently the only available fat blocker/burner) will need to watch the amount of fat they consume per meal.  This pill is not a miracle drug that enables you to visit your local buffet and stuff yourself with whatever fatty/starchy foods you’ve enjoyed in the past.  In fact, if you eat more than 15 grams of fat in a meal, you will more than likely leave the restaurant in a hurry!   Patients who’ve over-done it complain not only of extreme bloating, gas, abdominal cramps and pain, but also uncontrollable release of oily, runny stools.  One embarrassing and uncomfortable incident like that and you’ll more than likely be cured!  As a side note, many patients on Orlistat seem to lose the yearning for fatty foods once they start using the drug anyway.  Phew!

Orlistat is not cheap, and often insurance companies won’t cover prescription weight loss treatments.  Expect to pay $130-$400 for a 30-day supply.

If that’s simply not within your budget, you can try the over-the-counter version-which you’ve probably heard of.  Alli has been FDA approved, and while not as strong (and some argue as effective) as Orlistat, it’s much easier on the wallet.

Both Orlistat and Alli require a healthy diet and exercise plan.  Your doctor will provide you with one for the former, and Alli comes with diet and exercise tips in the box.  Still, you don’t want to scrimp when it comes to your health, and regardless of what you decide to spend your money on, a trip to the doctor’s office is recommended if you’re seriously overweight.  Your health could be in very real jeopardy, particularly as you age.

Something to consider when taking fat burner/blockers is they reduce absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and D.  Your doctor will prescribe additional vitamins to compensate.   There’s also a risk you may overdose on them.  Call your doctor immediately if you experience leg cramps, chest pain, and swelling of your lower extremities or decreased ability to exercise.   Your prescription diet pill is to help you lose weight and improve your health; not to put you in the hospital.

Keep a daily journal to record your progress, record anything unusual, and keep in regular contact with your doctor.  And remember, every day you’re doing something to improve your health; which is something to celebrate.

3 Diet Pills that Work

#1 Apidexin

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#2 Phenphedrine

Phenphedrine will help you to lose serious weight fast. It was designed to stimulate CART(Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) and inhibit NPY – a stress hormone that drives the eating chemicals into overdrive. Phenphedrine will bring your metabolism into overdrive to burn your extra fat FAST.

  • Targets Hunger Cravings Where They Start – The Brain
  • Regulates the Brain Chemistry of Hunger by Activating CART and inhibiting NPY
  • 100% Safe and Effective

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#3 Lipovox

Lipovox uses ten doctor recommended “superfoods” plus antioxidants, including barley, brazillian acai, wheatgrass, flaxseed and more. These ingredients are extremely beneficial to your overall health. Users are seeing DRAMATIC fat loss results! Lipovox burns fat by stimulating your metabolism and providing added energy.

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  • Burn Fat Using Proven, Natural Ingredients
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