Is Razor 8 Blast Powder a Diet Pill That Works?

When you check out at the grocery store you see nearly every magazine cover advertising that their plan will help you lose five pounds fast or get you bikini ready in four weeks. As easy as these plans make weight loss and muscle building seem, if you have ever tried to drop a size you know that it can be a difficult process.

Razor 8 Blast Powder claims to make the process easier. According to their claims it will give you an extreme boost in energy, increase muscle size and strength, improve vasodilation, and ignite fat burning hormones.

The powder can be purchased in either triple berry or lemon lime.  You need just one scoop (in fact, they say never to exceed one scoop) because it is ultra concentrated.  And whereas many pre workout supplements are 150 to 200 calories, Razor 8 Blast Powder is a mere ten calories!

How Does Razor 8 Blast Powder Work?

Several blends make up Razor 8 Blast Powder.  Luckily, they do not want to hide anything so they list the amounts of each ingredient making it easier to decide if Razor 8 Blast Powder is a decent diet pill. Let’s take a closer look at these blends.

  • CNS Stimulation/FFA Release/Beta Agonist: pharmaceutical grade pure synthetic caffeine, di-caffeine malate, geranamine, hordenine, yohimbine HCL
  • ATP Enhancer/Myofibril Acidification Buffer: creatine monohydrate, beta-synth beta alanine, creatinol-o-phosphate
  • Endothelial Expansion/Hemodynamic Volumizer: arginine AKG, arginine HCL, arginine pyroglutamate, arginine ethyl ester HCL
  • Polymetholxylated FFA Release Extension/Hyperlytic Acceleration: yerba mate green tea standardized extract, phenylethylamine hydrochloride, grapefruit extract

Knowing the amounts of each ingredient is a huge help.  Razor 8 Blast Powder uses a significant amount of caffeine so you are definitely going to have more energy. It also has ingredients that are known to improve vasodilation so blood can get to your muscles easier and you can get more out of your workout.

Some side effects are a concern with Razor 8 Blast Powder. It may cause headaches, irritability, jitteriness, and insomnia. It could even increase your heart rate or raise blood pressure.

The Razor 8 Blast Powder Guarantee

On the official website information has been posted on a guarantee/returns policy. Since their products are sold on third party websites I was intrigued to see that they had a returns policy.

“If you are not entirely satisfied with your ALLMAX purchase, please return your product together with your receipt to the point of purchase…All returns are subject to each individual retailer’s terms and conditions.”

Basically, that returns policy doesn’t get you anywhere!

Does Razor 8 Blast Powder Work For Quick Weight Loss?

Quick weight loss should not be expected with Razor 8 Blast Powder.  Most people who use it actually gain weight. But the weight gain is frequently due to increased muscle mass so they still lose fat and develop a leaner physique.

Razor 8 Blast Powder can be a worthwhile addition to your workout routine. If you want to lose weight, however, expect to put in quite a bit of work.  Razor 8 Blast Powder is not going to increase your metabolism significantly but may be able to increase weight loss potential especially if you have built more muscle.  For what you get, Razor 8 Blast Powder is kind of an expensive option so it wouldn’t be my first choice.

3 Diet Pills that Work

#1 Apidexin

Apidexin was created to be the world’s most powerful fat burner pill – even stronger than prescription weight loss medications! Apidexin will burn fat while helping you to gain muscle mass. It is made with clinically proven, high quality ingredients that will show results FAST!

  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Fast, visible results
  • The average user will lose 10 – 20 pounds in the first month!

The Lowest Price: $25.00 – $49.95 @

#2 Phenphedrine

Phenphedrine will help you to lose serious weight fast. It was designed to stimulate CART(Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) and inhibit NPY – a stress hormone that drives the eating chemicals into overdrive. Phenphedrine will bring your metabolism into overdrive to burn your extra fat FAST.

  • Targets Hunger Cravings Where They Start – The Brain
  • Regulates the Brain Chemistry of Hunger by Activating CART and inhibiting NPY
  • 100% Safe and Effective

The Lowest Price: $49.95 – $69.95 @

#3 Lipovox

Lipovox uses ten doctor recommended “superfoods” plus antioxidants, including barley, brazillian acai, wheatgrass, flaxseed and more. These ingredients are extremely beneficial to your overall health. Users are seeing DRAMATIC fat loss results! Lipovox burns fat by stimulating your metabolism and providing added energy.

  • Promotes Overall Well Being
  • Burn Fat Using Proven, Natural Ingredients
  • Provides Important Antioxidants
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

The Lowest Price: $22.50 – $29.99 @

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