What is Redotex?

Redotex was originally a Mexican-made diet pill that at least since 1986 was banned for sale in the United States and treated as an illegal substance for those without a prescription. Because of many of the claims made about the diet pill, black market demand continued to rise for Redotex despite the warnings of serious health risks. Versions of Redotex (which may or may not resemble the original) are still sold online and many people claim to get it straight from Mexico to resell here in the US. Illegal or not, people seem to keep buying it, but we definitely don’t see why it would be worth the health risk.

Redotex Ingredients

When you check out the ingredients listed for Redotex, it’s easy to see why it is illegal in the US:

  • Valium – Diazepam is a sedative which is sometimes prescribed for those suffering from anxiety but may be dangerous and habit forming.
  • Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride – 50 mg – the key ingredient in Sudafed and other nasal decongestants, pseudoephedrine is a highly regulated stimulant which in certain forms can act just like speed (methamphetamine).
  • Aloin – 16.2 mg – a derivative of the famous aloe vera plant, this is actually a rather strong laxative which is no longer recognized as safe by the FDA.
  • Atropine Sulfate – 360 mcg – this deadly nightshade extract reduces parasympathetic activity in the internal organs (potentially interfering with digestion) and may also stimulate a faster heart rate.
  • Liothyronine Sodium – 75 mcg – an isomer of triiodothyronine (T3) the thyroid hormone. According to animal studies it may stimulate more rapid fat metabolism.

This formula is meant to be used daily for 2-3 weeks and followed by at least a week break.  It is not meant to be used more than 12 weeks in a year in order to avoid health complications. The combination of stimulants and thyroid hormone is basically intended to suppress the appetite and accelerate the metabolism to burn more calories.

Honestly though, combining a strong sedative with an amphetamine related compound, a laxative and a version of the thyroid hormone sounds more like a science experiment you’d perform on a rat than a safe and effective strategy for weight loss. In fact, thus far there have been no clinical studies that qualify how much weight you might expect to lose from using the Redotex diet formula.

Is Redotex Safe?

Redotex might be considered safe for *most* people in that it may not cause any serious or life-threatening side effects, but for that reason it should definitely not be administered or recommended by anyone other than a doctor. Some of the more important side effects experienced with Redotex include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Psychosis
  • Severe diarrhea

It has also been associated with ischemic heart disease and even death. More mild symptoms have included insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, light/heat sensitivity, fever and dry mouth. Obviously you should consult with a doctor before taking Redotex, but he’ll tell you not to take it. Whatever you do, just don’t take Redotex with other medications.

How much is Redotex?

As Redotex may only be obtained from Mexico or bought online from people who got it there, it’s definitely selling at a premium for being illegal in the US. One round of Redotex (the 2-3 weeks worth that is recommended) sells for over $100, sometimes $125.

Does it have a Money-back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee available for Redotex anywhere we’ve seen. After all, you’re just buying it from online boot-leggers essentially.  The other big problem is that you don’t even have a guarantee that what you’re buying over the internet is even real Redotex.  No guarantee of functionality, no guarantee of genuineness.

Is Redotex Worth Trying?

In case you couldn’t guess our answer to that one – NO, Redotex is definitely not worth trying.  Not only does it pose some scary side effects, it isn’t even clinically proven to promote long-term weight loss. Many people rave online about all the weight they lost with Redotex, but who knows how many of those are just sellers trying to push their product. When you slip into illegal diet pills, the risks and prices are just too high.

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