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It is proven when you track what you eat and your exercise regimen, you are more successful at losing weight and meeting your health goals. The internet has many different sites that will help you keep track of the calories you consume, the amount of time you work out, and the progress you make with your weight reduction. Some of these sites are free, some cost money, some are good and some are bad, but there are plenty of these sites out there, and it’s important you choose the right one for you.

DailyBurn is one of the more popular sites on the internet to track your fitness, weight loss, food intake and more.  DailyBurn has been featured on television, in newspapers, and on the internet as one of the most successful diet and fitness tracking sites on the web. So will DailyBurn be a helpful tool to use to help you meet your weight loss goals? Let’s take a closer look at the DailyBurn.

DailyBurn is an online application dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals. DailyBurn offers tools and educational media that can encourage better, faster progress when dieting. DailyBurn takes the guess work out of nutrition and provides users with a way to monitor their progress and daily routine.

When you go to DailyBurn you will be asked to register. You must provide an e-mail, user name and password. From there you will be taken to a place called the “Locker Room” and this is where the personalization part of DailyBurn begins. You will enter your weight, your goal weight, and several questions about your lifestyle. DailyBurn than provides you with an estimated quantity of daily calories, fat and other nutrition factors to help you lose weight.

The “Locker Room” is where you track your weight, your nutrition, your workouts and even your sleep. The DailyBurn has an impressive amount (over 350,000) food items on their daily base. This makes it very easy to track what you eat, and most likely the items you eat are on the database. Tracking your workouts is easy also, you just put in what you did, and DailyBurn will figure out how many calories you have burned.

The DailyBurn also provides workout videos and routines, recipes, motivation and forums that will help you achieve your goals. It’s easy to stay on track with the DailyBurn because it does provide so much information and it’s really easy to use.

The DailyBurn also provides an application for smart phones. This makes it very easy to track your exercise and diet even on the go. Many users of this application claim that this application is easy to use and makes the DailyBurn an even more effective weight loss tool.

The DailyBurn offers several different membership options to use their website. The basic version of DailyBurn is free! This grants you access to basic features with some limitations. The pro lite version runs about $50.00 for the year. This includes advanced nutrition tracking, body tracking, training plans, iphone features and no advertisements. The pro plan is about $75.00 a year. This version has unlimited favorite exercises and foods, meal planner access and grocery lists. The elite plan is about $200.00 a year and includes everything from the other plans plus a trainer inbox, unlimited advanced progress reports and a limited edition t-shirt.

If you are serious about losing weight the DailyBurn can be a successful tool to help you achieve those goals. The free version may be all you need, and it’s probably worth trying. The DailyBurn definitely takes the guess work out of what you are eating, and gives you the tools to help you eat better and become a more healthy you.

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