The caveman die:  So easy, I can do it?

Is anybody, really excited about trying a diet associated with a Caveman?  Cavemen have a really bad wrap right now, but if author and self proclaimed “caveman” Matt Emery has anything to say about it you will want to get back to your primal roots too!  The “Caveman Diet” is an all-natural approach to weight loss that will get your primitive juices flowing.

Matt’s view, though natural, goes against the dieting grain with this three-stage plan.  The focus of the diet is all about the way you eat.  It’s about re-training our body to get into a feast when a craving hits mode of eating.  By the time you reach the final stage you will be enjoying every possible part of the feasting experience.

Every day, throughout all three stages, you start out drinking a large glass of water to give your body a jumpstart in the morning.

Throughout the day, during the first two stages of the diet, you’re encouraged to lightly graze on fruits and unsalted nuts until night time when you turn your primal hunger loose and reward yourself for the efforts of the day.  FEAST, FEAST, FEAST!  Eat as much as you want of whatever your caveman instincts tell you that you want!  Burgers, fries, Pizza, Shakes it doesn’t really matter, because naturally after a few weeks of this your body will naturally crave the healthier food sources that it needs.

Eating once a day allows you to detoxify for the entire day, so you will really taste the before and after effects of eating food. This method quickly leads you to desire clean healthy food. This is a psychological process that takes place without any willpower, it just happens. Your animal instincts are coming back. The mild fasting you go through daily activates your body’s natural instinct to hunt and gather, which means your senses are getting sharper and your mind clearer.  Just like a caveman!

Once you’ve reached the third and final stage, you will cut out the grazing during the day and your feasting will be at night, however the foods you will be consuming will for the most part all be healthy ones!  At that point your body and mind will be that of a lean mean cave dwelling machine!

Once you embrace your inner caveman and allow your natural desires to drive your eating habits you will know you have had success with the “Caveman Diet.” Your body is now your guide.  Going forward trust in your judgment towards food. It’s the most natural thing you can do, so think like an animal, and feast on life giving food.

Easy or not it’s definitely a diet that will make the hair on the back of your neck and all over stand on end and maybe grow out a little more.  If the words all-natural, primal, caveman, and diet seem to go together for you, this could be the diet you’ve been searching for!

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